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Crinklz Mix Box


Crinklz Mix Box

$1,470.00 MXN
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Crinklz Mix box contains 45 (3 packs of 15) diapers

1 packet of Crinklz Original

1 packet of Crinklz Astronaut

1 packet of Crinklz Aquanaut

Have fun with Crinklz and his amazing friends !

Enjoy the extraordinary and pleasant experience that Crinklz offers you in the company of his five fun and unique friends. Crinklz always has fun ideas and never misses an opportunity for mischief. Blowing bubbles and watching them fly is one of his favorite activities. Where he goes, trouble is sure to follow!

Leah is a lion who loves action and is a fireball of energy. She has a knack for sports and is always ready for a game of catching or kicking with her friends. Soccer is his favorite activity! Felix is the dreamer of the group. This little fox often spends his day lost in one dream or another. Easily distracted by clouds in the sky or insects in the grass. You will often stay behind your friends because something has caught your attention. Max is an adventurous monkey who loves to explore. His ability to climb the treetops with ease gives him a great vantage point for discovering adventures. Crinklz is his best friend, which generally means mischief meets adventure when the two of them go off together. Theodore is the thinker of the group. It is often the voice of reason. This cub likes classical music and is an ace at math, it goes without saying that he also has the best grades! Alma is the guardian of the group. She is fiercely protective of her group and watches over them closely. His soft feathers and long wingspan are a big hug, but don't let his friendly face fool you, he has no problem keeping this clan in line!