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Rearz Lil'Monster

Rearz Lil'Monster

$50.00 MXN
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Hug the little monster in you!

Bring the crew with you, Draco the dragon, Puffy the pink puffball, Unicrest the three-eyed dinosaur, Midnight (blue) and Twinkle (purple).

This diaper is unlike anything we've offered before!

A new plastic backing not available on any Rearz diaper, with our first moisture indicator (once the monster tracks and Rearz logo are gone). Gently scented with a moisture-activated vintage fragrance, this will take you back to your youth. Lil 'Monsters offers an advanced level of odor protection unlike any other product.

With all the premium features like high leg protectors, incredible elastic waistbands, super soft interior, reinforced front panel and 4 resettable straps. Offers protection day or night with a fast-absorbing core with a capacity of 3700ml.

We have taken longer to bring this product to market than any other in our company history. We have taken care of all the details, including some like transparent ribbons so that the print is not hidden, waterproof inks so that the ink does not transfer to the fabric and many more.