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Crinklz Astronaut

Crinklz Astronaut

$40.00 MXN

Venture into a space experience with Crinklz and his friends!

The sky is the limit. Therefore, guided by Crinklz , Leah , Theodore and Alma have taken their spacesuits and have decided to explore the universe. Without a doubt, as his best friend and driven by his adventurous spirit, Max would not leave Crinklz alone. Only Felix has chosen to stay at home, or ... is this adventure just a dream of his after stargazing? Be that as it may, what feats await our little friends? Join them and find out!

No more leaks or odors!

The Crinklz Astronaut is suitable for severe to very severe incontinence. However, active people with less severe cases of incontinence can also use them for added protection.

One package contains 15 diapers. Since this product was designed to ensure the absence of runoff, it can be a bit bulky. Please keep this in mind when your biggest concern is discretion! The main benefits of the product are:

• made in the European Union

• latex free

• odor protection

• humidity indicator

• Extra high leg straps (approx. 5.5 cm / 2.16 in) to accommodate diaper folders

• elastic waist bands in front and back

• large resettable tape tabs

• with a discreet, slightly stretchy white plastic outer cover

• offers maximum protection for active people with lighter cases of incontinence

• designed for night use


Absorption level according to ISO 11948-1: 5128 g / 173.4 fl oz