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Rearz Biberones


Rearz Biberones

$348.75 MXN Before $465.00 MXN

Our adult size bottle is now fully printed from top to bottom.

Printed in our famous Rearz print, featuring a glass bottle and fast-flow silicone nipple, this bottle is a must-have for your adult baby collection.

Washing instructions:

Hand wash with ordinary soap.

To prolong the life of the bottle stamping, we do not recommend machine washing. (Our tests have shown that after 5 washes there was no visible fading after machine wash).


Borosilicate glass bottle with a capacity of 450 ml *.

Medical grade silicone teat

Fast-flow silicone nipple with X-shaped hole

Bottle printed with our own Rearz prints

Measuring guide printed on the side of the bottle